MEDIA HEDGE is a reputable indigenous outdoor media agency comprised of professionals who provide value-added premium supports to enhance clients’ brand development and visibility.

The cutting edge of our services hinges upon evidence-based and customized materials and sites appropriate for clients’ needs and brand peculiarities in line with intended budget. To achieve optimal exposure, we systematically engage in:

  • Fabrication and Installation
  • Maintenance of Sites
  • Site Assessment and OTS
  • Customized/Effective Placement
  • Continuous Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Feedback and Comprehensive Reports

We employ our vast experience to surmount the ever-present challenge of making our client stand out in the market. We are creative innovators of new ways of managing media and its vehicles.

The MEDIA HEDGE firm is not just cobbled together – it’s truly a company that shares knowledge and learning as well as people-resource.

Transference of people-resource and knowledge is of major benefit to all MEDIA HEDGE clients when, in the world of media & advertising, things are changing fast. We are moving steadfastly with the pace.

Our Guiding Principles

• Provide strategic leadership in outdoor marketing communications
• Maintain complete confidentiality for our clients.
• Keep track of competitive information for client’s use.
• Provide benchmarks for measuring results against objectives.
• Provide necessary research tracking and people’s resource.
• Provide timely delivery of Clients briefs.